Wednesday 13 October 2010

Social Anxiety: November Conference, and a Blog from Judith Beck.

I’m putting off the discussion of Vicious Cycles for another week (just building the suspense…).

Instead I’m going to once again feature Judith Beck’s Cognitive Therapy blog from the Huffington Post, this time because it’s on the topic of Social Anxiety. As readers of this blog will know, Social Anxiety is one of my main areas of interest, and I will be involved in a one-day conference on the topic in Dublin on November 28th.

For more information on the conference see this link.

Conference topics will include The Neurobiology of Social Anxiety, CBT for Social Anxiety, Social Anxiety and Alcohol Problems, Groupwork with Social Anxiety, Social Anxiety and Sexual Addictions.

In the meantime, enjoy Judith Beck’s account of her work with a socially anxious client, “Using Socratic Questioning to Help Social Anxiety”, by going to this link.

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